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Main Bathroom



Residential Interior Design


Henderson, NV


2023 - 2024

Lead Designer

 Brenda Geler

Services Offered

Interior & Exterior Concept & Final Design, 3D Renderings and architectural plans, Material Selection and Purchasing, FF&E and Color Selection and Schedule 


Samantha Rodriguez

Construction of the new Bright Angel residence started in November 2023 and is scheduled to be finished by June 2024. The family's vision for the house was to incorporate natural colors, raw materials, indoor/outdoor integration, and a perception of separation between the primary room and bathroom with the rest of the house. We carefully crafted a concept design and selected materials to bring our clients vision to life, with focus on exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our team is dedicated to creating interiors that reflect the personal style and preferences of our clients. We believe that a well-designed space has the power to enhance everyday life and we strive to achieve that with every project we undertake.

Shower | Casa Blanca Studio
Bathroom | Casa Blanca Studio
Primary Bedroom | Casa Blanca Studio
Bathtub | Casa Blanca Studio.jpeg
Family Room Fireplace
Patio Ceiling Design | Casa Blanca Studio
Main Bathroom
Kitchen | Casa Blanca Studio.jpeg
Kitchen | Casa Blanca Studio.jpeg

With a seamless design, from the outdoors to the indoors, materials, components and structural finishes that redefine luxury at Bright Angel.

Energy efficient throughout, high end  appliances, natural stones from South Africa, tailored this bespoke home.​

We took every effort to adapt contemporary way of living into a modern and warmth space.

Wine Cellar | Casa Blanca Studio
Kitchen | Casa Blanca Studio.jpeg
Wine Cellar | Casa Blanca Studio
Kitchen | Casa Blanca Studio.jpeg
Kitchen | Casa Blanca Studio.jpeg

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