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Blanche Entrance _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg



Residential Interior Design


Scottsdale | AZ



Lead Designer

Brenda Geler


Blanche Reno


Isaac Martinez

During the design process of Blanche, we prioritized functionality, dynamics, and efficiency while maintaining a modern and elegant feel.


It was a priority the incorporation of additional storage, an office space, and entertaining areas, which required improvements to the spaces and flow.


Natural materials, colors and finishes were crafted to evolve from design concept to the harmonious house. 

Family Room _ Scottsdale
Primary Bathroom  _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg
Primary Bedroom  _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg
Primary Bedroom  _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg
Living Room  _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg
Family Room  _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg

We are committed to delivering exceptional design solutions that exceed expectations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, we take pride in curating unique interiors that elevate the everyday living experience with inspiration and innovation.

Kitchen  _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg
Office  _ Casa Blanca_edited.jpg

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