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I started my career in Events and Weddings soon after we moved to Las Vegas; I always knew I needed to focus on design and management as a professional and a formal product designer.


I worked hard to emphasize my career and focus into the most difficult aspects of an event or wedding, I completed different studies to learn the hospitality world and I engaged with different associations to ensure I am always part of the industry and trends, currently, I am studding interior design as more and more couples take inspiration from interior and architectural designs to curate the look of their wedding. But several factors influence modern shifts in the wedding industry.

Wedding styling and décor have come a long way in the last few years, with far more sophistication and professionalism present than ever before


As of my family, when my husband and I met, we were able to unify totally different cultures and traditions as I am originally from Argentina, and he is from India. We met in Belgium while working and we got married in Mumbai, India under the Maharashtrian traditions.

It was my first time in India and since then I learned so much about how many different cultures reside in India, traditions, and ways of life. Together we have two beautiful kids, Ishaan and Zoe and two amazing puppies, Lola and Bruno.


I am a faculty member at The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) in Las Vegas, I love to share the time with my students, talk about the different aspects of the hospitality world, wedding and events, in addition to having the honor of passing my knowledge to others; and also, I am part of the board of directors for WIPA (Wedding Industry Professionals Association) where I have the chance of sharing the time with other top-notch event professionals from Vegas and around the world.

Looking forward to learning more from you.

With Love,

Brenda ,
Founder & Creative Director