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Casa Blanca is a full-service residential interior design studio that specializes in new builds, renovations, and additions located in Henderson, NV.

We offer concept design development, site feasibility analysis, working drawings for construction, 3D renderings, material and fixture selections, and custom feature design.

Our team takes a collaborative approach working alongside our clients and creative partners.

We focus on the use of structures and combinations from the natural world to create practical and aesthetic environments that brings an elevated experience to our clients and their guests.

Brenda Geler Casa Blanca Studio

Brenda, originally from Argentina, is the founder and lead designer for Casa Blanca, she is a remarkable product designer with an extensive knowledge of home interiors. Her worldly experiences gained from living in countries like Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Hungary have given her exposure to various design styles and a unique perspective and approach to designing spaces.

Her personal and dynamic life gives her a well-rounded perspective on art and design, as she understands the importance of creating spaces that are not only functional and sustainable but also comfortable and inviting for all the members of the family. Her goal is to design spaces with character and authenticity.

Brenda's passion for design extends beyond residential and commercial projects, as she also contributes to the industry as faculty member and mentor at The International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, where she has lived since 2017. She is also a mentor at Thermador Diversity in Design Pipeline in partnership with the Interior Design Society, where the focus is on fostering inclusion and diversity in the design community and helping Interior Design students in their final years of their career.

Her extensive knowledge and experience in hospitality design, sales and marketing make her a highly shought-after member of the field.



Brenda's approach is dynamic and interactive, she will never settle for less and will not only create the environment that you envision but an incredible relationship of trust, commitment and friendship.

Jessica F.

Modern Interior Design



About Diversity in Design Pipeline

In 2021, Thermador launched its Diversity in Design Pipeline initiative in partnership with the Interior Design Society. This program focuses on fostering inclusion and diversity in the design community and helps launch Interior Design students with diverse perspectives into the competitive design industry. This includes providing them with a comprehensive scholarship package and mentorship program including access to accomplished, subject matter expert interior designers.

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