When you don't have time...

Does that ever happened to you?! Ha... I bet it happened to everyone... I haven't thought about this event for some time, but then, I remembered, it was actually my husband's birthday and yes, it was totally out of my memory, I guess that happens to everyone that juggles between work, business, kids, school, extra activities and some times something else.

So this time I totally forgot to order the Birthday Cake, but this is what we do when we think outside of the box and we are not afraid of failing... I'm not a cake decorator but I do love to decorate them, I did few cakes on the past, I learned how to work with fondant, icing and butter cream through YouTube channels, ha! yes I watched them all over and over between the Michael's isles so I could even understand what to buy.

The first time I worked with fondant was for my best friend's daughter, who was turning one!, was a Minnie Mouse party and I took the risk of even changing the color of the fondant from white to baby pink... the first batch got cracked after putting the fondant on the cake but the second was perfect. I learned how thick the fondant should be and how not to be scared of working with it, I even learned how to do bow and that was not easy.

After this one, I did my son's birthday cake, this was a Lego cake, was so cool, to layers and on the corner the Legos were coming out from a broken section that some little minions and cowboys did... I combined different textures and colors and was so fun!

Last year I did other one for my husband, for some reason there are not so many cakes for men to benchmark from, so again, thinking outside the box I did a two layer cake with combination of many different textures, the cake was white and the deco was on the brown/gold/black pallet, I used mini-glass bottles that I filled with whiskey, I used little mustaches and lot of rustic elements. The end result was beautiful.

So going back to my last, here I was, the day before of the celebration without a cake! I went to Freed's and I bought one of the best flavor cakes they have, chocolate with chocolate mouse, it's delicious... so at home, I whipped out all the regular decoration they do for standard "glass selling" cakes and I started rolling the fondant... I put a second layer and I used food coloring and a brush to do some amazing design on the bottom of the cake, I used golden ribbon to finished the decoration and some cool toppings on the top and yes, sometimes simplicity is all you need... the cake turned out to be delicious and outstanding and I just did it the same day of the event!

So again, I'm not baker, but I do love to throw ideas when it comes to cakes and believe me, I'm not afraid of the challenge, so I will continue designing and creating this beautiful piece of art that is key for having the best dessert tables yet...!

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